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Anne’s poetry collection, Meteor Shower, is now available from Dos Madres Press. Order the book here.

Anne’s poetry collection, The Refrain, is available from Dos Madres Press. Order the book here.

Anne Whitehouse’s chapbook, One Sunday Morning, is available from Finishing Line Press.

Anne Whitehouse’s collection BLESSINGS AND CURSES is available from Poetic Matrix Press.
Order the Book Here or Here

Anne Whitehouse’s chapbook Bear in Mind is available from Finishing Line Press.

Blessing X has been nominated for the Best of the Net 2010 (Sundress Publications) by the publisher, Blue Fifth Review

Anne guest blogs at Editions Bibliotekos.

Anne guest blogs on Poetica Magazine:
Genesis of Blessings and Curses, 1/18/2010.
How I Came to Write CURSE XXII (“On September 1, 1939...”) 1/25/2010.
Knowing and Not Knowing 2/28/2010.
Remembering the Dream, 4/4/2010.
Acting for Others, 8/15/2010.

Anne’s poem, “June 8, 2004,” was featured on Miriam’s Well blog

The Practicing Writer blog features Curse IX (“He was not good or kind...”) December 17, 2009.

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Laysha Duran reviews Meteor Shower in Manhattan with a Twist, February 2017.

Ilka Scobie reviews Meteor Shower in American Book Review, vol. 38, no.1, Nov/Dec 2016, pp.28-29.

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Karla Linn Merrifield reviews The Refrain in The Centrifugal Eye, Autumn 2013, p.50.

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Gently Read Literature, Spring 2013.

Alabama Writers Forum, March 2013.

The Linnet’s Wings, Spring 2013, pp.37-38.

Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, January 1, 2013.

Ron Gaskill reviews The Refrain in Jerseyworks, Spring 2013.

Reviews of One Sunday Morning:

John Vanderslice reviews One Sunday Morning, January 2013.

Alabama Writers Forum, May 2012.

The Write Place at the Write Time, April 2012, p. 8

Editions Bibliotekos February, 2012, p. 14

Ron Gaskill reviews Blessings and Curses, Bear in Mind, and One Sunday Morning in Jerseyworks, Spring 2012.

Reviews of Blessings and Curses:

Zoamorphosis, March 2010.

Troubadour 21 Jan. 10, 2011

John Vanderslice reviews Blessings and Curses in Santa Fe Writers Project Journal. December 10, 2009. “It is rare to find a volume of poetry that stares so directly and honestly at life as does Anne Whitehouse’s new collection, Blessings and Curses. As the title suggests, Whitehouse intent is to encompass both the broadest and meanest aspects of human existence as they are revealed to her in the ordinary unfolding of her days...” more...

Gently Read Literature, March 2010

Alabama Writers Forum. January 2010

The Broad Set Writing Collective. December 7, 2009.

Pedestal Magazine, Issue 56, February 21-April 21, 2010.

Dew on the Kudzu, June 6, 2010.

FutureCycle, Summer 2010.

Reviews of Blessings and Curses and Bear in Mind:

Boston Literary Magazine, November 2010.

Reviews of Bear in Mind:

Alabama Writers Forum, September 2011.

Poems in Anne Whitehouse's first collection, published under her maiden name Anne Cherner, received the Mademoiselle poetry prize, the Joan Gray Untermeyer Poetry Award from Radcliffe College, and the Hackney Literary Award from Birmingham-Southern College.

"Anne Cherner [Whitehouse]'s poems combine the metaphysical with a vivid visual sense...The beauty and control of these poems are unusual in a poet still under thirty."
[Source: Radcliffe Quarterly, December, 1982.]

Anne Whitehouse reads from her poetry collection Bear in Mind
Everything Goes, WNYE 91.5 FM

Anne Whitehouse reads from her poetry collection Blessings and Curses
Everything Goes, WNYE 91.5 FM


The Sensitive Muscle, Tides of the Body, Heart Beat. Oasis Journal 2017, Leila Joiner, ed. Tucson, AZ: Imago Press.

Preserves. Rasputin: A Poetry Thread Anthology, Joseph Victor Milford, ed. 2017.

To Live Like a Tree Alone and Free in a Forest of Brotherhood. Seventh Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival. Cary, NC, 2015.

Life’s Continuous Chain, Dust Motes, Fire and Ice, In Old England. Switch (the Difference). Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015. pp. 190-195.

Smoke and Fog. The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2014.

Scenes from California, A Girl Who Fell in Love With an Island, Songs for the End of August. Of Sun and Sand. Kind of a Hurricane Press. 2013.

Blessing III, Blessing XXXVI, Desecration will be appearing in Gulf Stream: Poems of the Gulf Coast

After the Performance is published in The Best of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012

At the Winter Solstice. Love Notes, Vagabondage Press, 2012.
Order it here or here.

Blessing XXII. Liberty’s Vigil: The Occupy Anthology: 99 Poets from the 99% to be published Jan. 2012. Read about Liberty’s Vigil in 1000 Poets for Change and The Literary Underground.

Mother and Child and Claire in a Swing, Because I Said So, Aortic Press, 2011

Blessing XIV, Butterfly Away, Magnapoets Anthology Series 3. Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, 2011.

Blessing XXXVI. Many Windows. Magnapoets Anthology Series 4. Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, 2011.

Anne Whitehouse is featured on Ploughshares.

The Surveyor's Hand is now out of print; a few copies are still available at A Libris.

Listen to Anne Whitehouse reading from Blessings and Curses

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Click here for a bibliography of all Anne Whitehouse poems.

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Meteor Shower

The Refrain

One Sunday Morning

Blessings and Curses

bear in mind

Bear in Mind

The Surveyor's Hand

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Nature Writing. October 14, 2017. Eclipse.

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Indian Love Call won Driftwood Press’ sonnet contest for National Poetry Month, April 2014.

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Download the eBook (.epub or .mobi)

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Healthy Artists features Anne Whitehouse

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The Falcon

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Mother and Child

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The Past

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